BlueGate UMTS - GSM Gateways - FCT - fixed cellular terminals

Besides PRImaGate ISDN PRI UMTS / GSM Gateway we offer compact standalone versions of UMTS / GSM Gateways with analog or ISDN BRI interface. bluegate_isdn_bri_small

Basic features:

  • Integrated USB Port
  • Standard analogue line interface
  • Standard ISDN line interface
  • Voice services


BlueGate UMTS / GSM Gateways are designed for voice as well as data transmission between UMTS network and the PSTN or PC network (LAN, WAN). The new generation of BlueGate UMTS / GSM Gateways enables operation in 3G – UMTS network. The UMTS / GSM Gateways reduce telephone costs dramatically by providing a direct PBX-UMTS connection. PC-UMTS data (via USB) transmission is enabled as well as SMS traffic.

BlueGate UMTS / GSM Gateways are delivered in 2 variants:

  • ISDN
  • Analog


BlueGate UMTS / GSM  Analog Gateway (FCT - fixed cellular terminal)


  • Analog voice services on trunk/extension line
  • USB Interface for data, SMS and PC fax transmission
  • Trunk/extension line interface. Connection to analogue phones or to PBXs as trunk line. Connection to PBXs internal line (extension)*
  • Calling line identification presentation (CLIP) over the trunk line interface*
  • DTMF programming even remotely
  • 12/16kHz charging pulses*
  • SMS server - Outlook*
  • Minute management*



BlueGate UMTS - GSM  ISDN Gateway (FCT - fixed cellular terminal)


  • EURO ISDN Voice connection in NT mode
  • 2 communication channels (2 SIM cards)
  • USB interface Channel for data, SMS and PC fax transmission
  • Connection to PBX by interface Euro ISDN with signalization DSS1 in NT mode
  • Interface T0 of PBX Point To Point PTP (DDI) or Point to Multipoint PTMP (MSN)
  • CLIP, Advice of charging, LCR
  • Minute management*
  • Configuration by PC software under Windows



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