Alphatech IP Bell - VoIP video dveřní komunikátor se 2 tlačítky

Alphatech IP Bell - VoIP video dveřní komunikátor se 2 tlačítky Alphatech IP Bell - VoIP video dveřní komunikátor s barevnou kamerou a jedním/dvěma tlačítky s možností r..

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3CX and IP video door phone

Together with CTI-PRO s.r.o. we have tested sucessfully 3CX v9 - Windows based VoIP PBX - with our SIP based IP video door entry phone stations and a video softphone X-Lite. More details can be found here.

IP Video Door Entry Phone Stations



There is nothing complicated about IP door entry phone stations. You can look at IP audio - video door entry stations as at standard IP audio - video phones (e.g. Snom, Grandstream, Yealink) with some extra features such as hands-free feature, relays for releasing electrical door locks, extra weather protection for outdoor uAlphatech_Skyline_rangese, vandal-proof protection, etc.

Door entry phone stations with integrated cameras have been around for many years. They are almost always based on an old analogue TV technology and they can only deliver very low image quality. Such systems only enable limited two-way communication. The door phone station is installed using a complex cabling and power supply system.

We offer IP Audio and Video Door Entry Phone Stations based on the international VoIP - SIP video telephony standard.


Watch the video in Spanish , English or French on our lastest modular range of IP video door entry stations.



  • Two-way video around the world 5CP206
    Our IP audio - video door entry phone stations are based on the international video telephony standard VoIP - SIP. When the doorbell rings, a connection is established with an IP video phone or a standard computer via the network. This means that, from anywhere in the world, you can conduct video conversations with visitors at your door or open the door remotely.


  • Keyless access
    Who is authorized into the building and when? The door lock opener can be controlled, simply and securely, via a PIN code or an RFID transponder using the individually configurable access module. 


  • Very simple installation
    Thanks to integrated PoE, RJ45 connector, possibility of choosing point-to-point or SIP proxy modes, our IP audio - video door entry phone stations can be connected to your SW IP video phones, HW IP video phones, LAN network or IP PBX directly.


  • Minimize costs, maximize your comfort 
    Minimize installation costs and the TCO , maximize the ROI and your comfort when using the IP audio-video door entry phone stations. Exploit freely available technologies such as virtual hosted IP PBX , Windows based IP PBX , SW IP video phone , open-source Android SIP client supporting video calls on your Android mobile phone. How to make VoIP SIP calls on Android phone? Learn more on SIPdroid IP calls here.


  • SDK - integrate IP door phone station into your own system solution  
    To integrate our IP audio - video door entry phone stations into your system, we can offer you our SDK (Software Development Kit) files or you can use other SDK working in a web environment which is available on the market.    


  • OEM projects welcome program  
    Thanks to our "OEM projects welcome" program you can make a HW integration of our IP audio - video door entry phone electronics into your own solutions according to your specific market needs. 


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